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Management Interventions, Inc. (MII) is an urban issues consulting group. Our mission is to empower communities with knowledge and resources that sustain economic and social growth, shape public policy, and increase the quality of life for all people over time. Based in Trenton, New Jersey, the company serves as an urban problem solver - creating innovative solutions to community issues. For over 20 years, MII has focused its economic and community empowerment interests on:

  • Public Health· Public Housing & Community Redevelopment
  • Welfare Reform and Workforce Initiatives
  • Youth & Family Services

MII’s expertise and ability to integrate our technical assistance products across each area - as a leader in innovative solutions’ design - provides ongoing support to public and private institutions. The emphasis is primarily on bringing people together to generate measurable impact and to assist subject matter experts with ongoing public policy initiatives. MII’s adherence to these principles and identifying best practices for more than two decades, has led to protracted solutions for difficult policy questions. These tenets of honest dialogue and inclusion of all genres of people in the search for solutions has informed all aspects of MII—from public policy development, needs-assessment studies, and program development to focus group facilitation, conference management, and strategic planning assistance.

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Empowering Communities

MII is intent on finding ways to increase personal responsibility in communities across the nation; to promote family stability; and to support the vision and shared commitment to protecting and empowering communities around the world. With a special emphasis on disadvantaged sectors, the firm leverages human capital as the primary thrust in change. Our founding principles incorporate two basic truths:

  • Diverse populations, brought together in non-threatening environments will talk to and enlighten each other; and,
  • Community-based grassroots organizations must be empowered as leaders, with aptitude acquired through technical support and training, that involves them in all stages of policy development - from design, through implementation, towards anticipated outcomes and sustainability.

    MII’s enhanced models, programs and services promote diverse partnerships and grassroots leadership initiatives that eliminate barriers to successful social and economic participation. Our technology delivers sustainable results and solutions that work - on and off the page. Our suite of services and products include:

  • Project Management & Compliance Monitoring
  • Social Research
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Public Information and Community Outreach
  • Relocation and Right of Way Services.

Management Interventions, Inc.

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